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What is a tour guide system?

Author : Date : 2019/12/19 15:04:38
Wireless tour guide system used in various industries have different names, also known as electronic wireless tour guide system, simultaneous interpreter, tour guide audio guide system.Wireless tour guide system mainly USES advanced sound pickup technology, audio technology and digital radio technology, can effectively deal with a variety of environmental noise, and industrial radio interference.It is easy to operate and safe, making it a reliable product for government and enterprises, and a necessary product for meeting reception, teaching and training, simultaneous interpretation and tour guide audio guide system in modern times!
tour gudie system
tour gudie system
Yingmi wireless tour guide system is mainly divided into three parts:
1: transmitter (explain the use of personnel).Speakers, whether in a meeting or in a noisy industrial workshop, only need to speak in a normal voice (no need to speak loudly).A transmitter in the receiving range, the number of listening to the same channel group receiver up to thousands, easy to achieve a pair of multiple listening transmission mode, can also be realized in the conference training of multiple speakers, multiple listeners listening.The normal charging service time of yingmi wireless presenter is 10 hours. It adopts the quasi-2.4g module scheme, with a radius of 150 meters in open area. The host has strong anti-interference and one-key code group number.Transmitters get rid of the traditional design of cable, ears hanging one emitter make the narrator can be at ease with her hands to her presentation, if it is applied in the meeting, the host place podium, launcher meeting special microphone, so that the whole venue is not noisy, do not have echo, listen to more clearly, voice communication effect is more ideal.
tour gudie system
2: receiver (worn by the receiver).Listeners wearing use receiver, life time is 20 hours, whether in the empty area 200 meters or through walls still can listen to a clear audio guide system are cliches, volume size can adjust themselves, good sound effect, from the source to solve some poor hearing, or rear personnel can't listen to clear, or noisy poor area to listen to the effect factors.
3: charging box.Yingmi wireless tour guide system box and storage box integrated into one, design with anti-fall, moisture-proof, anti-static, increase negative oxygen ion function, various models, more convenient to use.

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