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What industries are the popular audio guide system active in

Author : Date : 2019/4/12 17:24:46
 1.audio guide system for meeting reception

audio guide system can be used in meeting reception, especially in the case of foreign guests, wireless team explainer can act as the equipment for simultaneous interpretation, so a certain number of wireless explainer will always be prepared in advance in the process of many meeting reception.The audio guide system can translate the introductions into different languages. You only need to wear the interpreter to send the translated speech to the foreign guests.

2. Audio guide system is suitable for tourist attractions

If the tour group is chosen, the audio guide system will also introduce the details of each scenic spot through the team explainer, which is the main application field of the team explainer.According to the number of tour members, the volume of the group explainer can be set freely, which not only satisfies the coverage of tour members, but also won't affect other tourists around. At the same time, it can also save some energy for the tour guide, who doesn't need to explain loudly.

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