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Several new technologies of interactive showcase

Author : Date : 2019/12/2 14:16:52
Smart systems now account for 33 percent of all electronic systems in the world, and the number of smart devices will grow to 4 billion.In these large-scale intelligent systems, interactive showcase  occupy a large part of the intelligent LCD screen can greatly improve user experience and business performance of enterprises.Here are some new technologies for interactive showcase:
interactive showcase
interactive showcase
1. Video recognition
Anonymous video recognition technology is through the USB camera, automatic capture watch display faces, and each of the "audience" sex, age and their viewing time, at the same time, the technology also has the very strong privacy protection ability, all the analysis done in temporary storage, save the data is just sex, age, time and so on nonspecific data, does not involve any content related to the portrait.Through the anonymous video recognition technology, on the one hand, the LCD screen can more intelligently interact with the viewer, on the other hand, the information sender can also better release the information through the data.The built-in anonymous video analysis takes into account gender and approximate age in order to display and recommend the most appropriate products to meet individual needs, while providing personalized products such as e-prime coupons that can be sent to smartphones and used in the future.

interactive showcase
2. Somatosensory interaction
3 d virtual fitting, combined with the latest 3 d technology, and augmented reality (AugmentedReality), motion-sensing technology such as three major elements of science and technology, standing in front of the screen, when users need only through gestures volley control, fingertips, the choice of 3 d clothes worn on a user's magic, for different clothing styles, the user through the pages, on the way, you can easily replace different clothes.In addition, for the favorite clothes, the virtual fitting system provides the function of taking photos, and the 3D clothes that the user tries on can be closely combined with the user in time, so that the user can experience unprecedented shopping pleasure.

3. Touch interaction
The so-called touch screen, from the market concept, is a computer input device that everyone can use, or that everyone can use to communicate with the computer.No learning, everyone can use, is the biggest magic touch screen.The technology makes human-computer interaction more straightforward by allowing users to operate on the computer's display by simply touching symbols or text with their fingers.

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